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People with weak immune systems or nutrient deficiencies are more likely to catch the flu or cold. Lack of sleep, exposure to toxins and stress can worsen flu symptoms. With numerous medicines available in the market and very little information provided to the customer, it can get confusing which medicines to try and which to pass.

If you’re looking for all-natural, safe and quick cold or flu relief opt for herbal remedies by Herbion Naturals. Our medicines are formulated with natural ingredients which give you optimal health benefits and minimum side effects. These alcohol, gluten and nut free herbal cold remedies reduce your chances of allergic reaction. Additionally, they are non sedative which ensures you do not feel drowsy during the day.

Below are 3 cough, cold and flu organic remedies that work efficiently:

  • Throat Syrup with Honey

Since the dawn of times honey has been a popular natural effective remedy for sore throat
and cough. Herbion Naturals Throat Syrup with Honey contains 10 medicinal herbal extracts that provide relief from cough.

Developed with a combination of Large Leaf Geiger Tree, Licorice, Malabar Nut, Marshmallow, Long Pepper, Jujube, Borage, Hyssop, Sweet Violet, and Greater Galangal it enhances healthy lung function, soothes throat and helps optimize your immune system naturally. This gluten free syrup also comes in a sugar-free formula which tastes just as good.

  • Cough Drops

Whether you like Honey Lemon, Mint, Orange or Cherry flavor, Herbion has it all. Choose from an array of flavors of cough drops to get relief from irritated throat, acute cough, sore mouth and blocked nasal passages.

Formulated with optimally balanced herbs, Greater Galangal Rhizome, Hyssop, Large-leaf Geiger Tree Fruit, Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil, Malabar Nut Tree Leaf, Licorice Root and Long Pepper, these drops work as a cough suppressant. The active ingredient of Menthol ensures you feel refreshed and rejuvenated instantly. Our cough drops also come in a sugar-free formula which is just as effective.

  • Respiratory Care Granules

Herbion Naturals relaxing and calming Respiratory Care Granules are ideal for carrying on the go. They come in two different flavors, regular and lemon. These easy-to-carry sachets can be dissolved into a cup of hot water or tea and sipped slowly up to three times a day.

Not only do our natural granules help relieve cold and flu symptoms, they also optimize the
immune system and bronchial mucosa. Made from a blend of premium quality natural herbal extracts namely, Emblic (fruit), Malabar Nut Tree, White Willow, Licorice, Sweet Violet, Black tea, Valerian, and Bitter Fennel these soothing granules restore energy and comfort lost due to congestion in the respiratory tract and cough.

Choose Herbion for a healthy lifestyle and organic remedies made with healing herbs, free from ill effects and full of herbal benefits.