Coughing time to time during the day can help rid the lungs of excess mucus or irritants. It can also aid the removal of germs from the lungs and prevent infections. However, when coughing becomes recurrent at nighttime, especially among children, it can become a cause of concern. This usually makes one wonder what is best for nighttime cough? Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can get quick relief from this ordeal, including natural remedies for cough. If you are contemplating how you can quiet a nighttime cough, then keep reading. 

What is the Best Cough Medicine? 

Cough caused primarily at nighttime can be triggered by mucus running across the gag reflex. Herbion Naturals Sugar Free Throat Syrup is the best cough syrup for adults and children to get quick relief from unbearable nighttime cough. This natural remedy for cough is formulated with an alcohol free, nut free and gluten free composition, which is non-sedative and void of toxic chemicals. Therefore, it is suitable for kids as young as six months. This sugar free cough syrup relieves all types of coughs, promotes healthy lung functionality, eases sore throat and naturally bolsters the immune system. 

Improve the Intake of Probiotics 

During sickness increasing your intake of probiotics though will not relieve cough, but it will surely help boost the immune system. Foods loaded with probiotics can be enjoyed with dinner. These live microorganisms elevate health benefits by restoring the natural balance of gut bacteria. Poor diet, medication and illness can cause an imbalance leading to an increase of bad bacteria. This can further lead to allergies, obesity, digestive and mental health issues. Certain probiotics have also been known to improve the production of natural antibodies within the human body. These antibodies can further activate a group of proteins called complement. Complement are soluble proteins which are also part of the immune system. These proteins help eliminate infected cells, bacteria and viruses. You can consume probiotics with certain supplements in the form of capsules, powders and tablets as well as through foods. Fermented dairy products are naturally rich in live probiotic cultures, such as milk and yogurt. Probiotics are also naturally found in miso, pickled vegetables, kefir, kimchi, tempeh and sauerkraut.  

Tips for Reducing Allergens 

Nighttime cough allergies can disrupt your sleep and lead to restlessness, tossing and turning in bed all night due to discomfort. Knowing what triggers your allergies is the key to eliminating them. Dust allergies are one of the leading causes for nighttime cough. Some precautionary measures to curb this allergy include changing bedsheets and pillow covers frequently. This reduces the chance of dust mites getting cozy enough to sleep in your vicinity. Washing bedding once a week with hot water, followed by drying in the dryer helps eliminate dust mites to a significant extent. This leads us to our next tip, which is to avoid hanging clothes to dry on the clothesline. Pollen and dust mites are notorious for sticking to wet surfaces. By hanging clothes indoors to dry or using a dryer can help eliminate the formation of allergies. Our last tip for reducing allergies is specifically for pet owners. Your furry friend may be harmless but can cause more damage than you think. Animal fur is known to be the home for pet dander and pollen during allergy season. These can trigger your allergies, especially if your pet likes to snuggle with you while sleeping. Therefore, it is crucial to set boundaries with pets, such as making your bedroom a pet-free zone. Maintaining proper hygiene and grooming for pets is another way of ensuring you stay allergy free. 

Best Way to Take Honey 

Raw honey is an age-old tried and tested folk remedy passed down from generations throughout history. Most honey found in supermarket isles are pasteurized with high heat processes that kill unwanted yeast, improve texture and color. This process also eradicates crystallization and extends shelf life. Unfortunately, pasteurization is also responsible for destroying most of the beneficial nutrients, thereby rendering it ineffective for cough. Hence it is best to consume raw honey. A powerhouse of phytonutrient compounds, raw honey is rich in antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Phytonutrients are responsible for giving raw honey unbeatable immune-boosting benefits. 

Furthermore, raw honey also helps eliminate fungus and unwanted bacteria and is loaded with antiseptic attributes and hydrogen peroxide. This potent natural sweetener is also present in Herbion Naturals Cough Drops with Honey Lemon Flavor. These natural cough drops work as an oral anesthetic which provide fast temporary relief from cough and sore throat. It clears nasal passages and is suitable for both adults and children two years and above. These honey cough drops are alcohol free and are available in both regular and sugar free formulations. We recommend taking one throat drop before bedtime for a good night’s sleep. 

What Are the Benefits of Taking Fluids? 

When you are ill, it is crucial more than ever to stay hydrated. Science suggests drinking plenty of room temperature liquids can alleviate sneezing, runny nose and cough. However, if you are suffering from cold or flu symptoms, chills, sore throat and fatigue, drinking warm or hot beverages might help you even more. A list of recommended beverages includes clear broths, decaffeinated black tea, herbal teas, warm water and fruit juices. Drinking clear broth or eating chicken soup help eliminate the symptoms of colds, clear nasal congestion and thin out mucus which enables one to cough up easily. Chicken soup contains a natural amino acid called N-acetyl cysteine. This amino acid acts as a potent antioxidant that bolsters immunity. N-acetyl cysteine is also loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antioxidant effects.  

If you are wondering, what can I take to boost my immune system? Then we highly recommend sipping on Herbion Respiratory Care Herbal Granules. This herbal beverage is free of toxic chemicals and only contains top-notch extracts. Boost the immune system by taking it three times a day when you are down with a cold or flu. This tea also maintains a healthy respiratory system, promotes healthy nasal and bronchial mucosa. The alcohol, gluten and nut free formula makes this herbal dietary supplement a must in every household. Dissolve contents of one sachet in a cup of warm water, tea or coffee. Sip on it slowly to let it calm your throat. These granules are available in regular and lemon flavor. Place your order on for quick hassle-free delivery throughout the nation.