Cold and coughs are common among young children. On average cough lasts up to two weeks. As a parent, you may feel helpless when your little one coughs up, and it can lead to both sleepless nights for you and your kid trying these home remedies can give quick comfort minus the unhealthy side effects that come with most allopathic medicines. Helping your kid feel better and managing their symptoms allows them to rest and recover quickly. You should begin by identifying the type of cough and what is causing it so you are know exactly which remedy to try.

Dry Cough: This cough occurs due to the common cold or flu. However, it can also occur due to lower respiratory tract infections such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies caused by irritants such as dust and cigarette smoke.

Whooping Cough: This is quite similar to the common cold but may last long after the flu is gone and can get worse after some time. This cough makes the person breathe forcefully, resulting in a “whooping” sound.

Wet Cough: This takes place due to excess mucus or fluids blocking the breathing passages. A wet cough helps remove excess fluid from the lungs.

Barky or Croup Cough: Croup, a viral infection, blocks the upper respiratory tract which leads to a ‘barking’ sound.

Wheezing Cough: A Wheezing cough is accompanied by a high-pitched whistling sound when breathing. This occurs when the airways are clogged and narrow.

Most coughs in kids can be treated with natural remedies. Below is a list of treatments to try:

Plenty of Sleep

It is no secret that the body heals faster when you rest properly, so if your kid is suffering from persistent cough have him stay at home and rest. The stress of school assignments and traveling to school can take a toll on his body and aggravate a cough. Additionally, cough spreads around germs to other children, so it’s best to keep him at home.


If your child is suffering from a wet cough, combined with blocked breathing passages and nose warm air from steam inhalation can help significantly. It loosens mucus in the air passages which allows for comfortable breathing. Take boiling water in a bowl, add in natural Chest Rub let your child inhale from a safe distance while covering her head with a towel. Once the water has cooled down, you can throw it away.


Dry cough can cause irritation and can leave the mucus in the throat and passageways dehydrated. Humidifiers are effective for alleviating discomfort and providing relief from cough. When using a humidifier make sure to open windows during daytime to let out the humidity to prevent mold from growing in the room.

Lots of Liquids

Drinking plenty of water, chicken broth, soup, fresh fruit juices and milk is a sure way to stay hydrated and to flush out toxins from the body quickly. It further thins mucus and makes it easier to get rid of it. Removal of mucus is essential for reducing wet cough.

Herbal Balm

This timeless remedy works wonders owing to its efficacious blend of herbal oils and fragrances which ease congestion in the airways. Trust Herbion Chest Rub for cough as it is loaded with nature’s finest ingredients which reduce pain in muscles, alleviate discomfort, relieve cough, cold, chest and nasal congestion. This remedy is ideal for wet cough and wheezing cough. Take a little balm in your hands and massage on your child’s chest, spread the ointment all over the upper respiratory region that is clogged with mucus. You can also apply it on the back, neck and feet.