As parents, we want the very best for our babies. A good height is no exception. Tall and strong children are ideally considered the embodiment of good health. On average most children are the same height or much taller than their parents were during childhood. However, quite a few kids are not as tall as their peers, which can quickly become a growing concern for parents. If you are concerned about your child’s growth and height, it is essential to know genetics play an important part in determining these factors. However, it is not the only factor that influences growth. 

How Can I Increase the Height of My Children? 

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Along with giving supplements to your kids, you can also try some simple tips for a greater chance of height improvement. 

  • Stretching  

Increasing height with exercise is one of the most effective ways, which you should consider. It is vital to teach young children to enjoy and practice stretching exercises as they help improve posture and elongate the spinal cord. So, what exercises increase height? Have your child stand on her toes with her back against the wall and stretch muscles in her legs while trying to reach up simultaneously. Another must-try exercise involves your kid sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide apart and trying to touch the toes with her arms. These simple exercises are a great way to teach your little one the joys of working out from an early age. Make it fun by getting them bright colored workout clothes and playing upbeat music. Remember, the most encouraging thing you can do as a parent is not just rooting for your kid, but also joining them during workout sessions. Not only will it benefit your health, but it will also serve as a fantastic bonding experience. 

  • Boost Height for Spine Stretching by Hanging 

Hanging from bars has been recommended for growing kids for centuries. Hanging exercises are useful for spine stretching and straightening as this helps increase height. Incorporate pull-ups into your kid’s exercise regime to promote growth. Chin-ups are another growth-enhancing exercise which helps. Hanging exercises can be done outdoors or on a horizontal bar indoors. This anti-gravity exercise allows you to strengthen every bone and muscle in your body at the same time. It improves oxygen-rich blood circulation throughout the body from head to toe. At the start, encourage your child to hang continuously for at least 30 seconds at a time. Once they get used to it, encourage 3 to 4 minutes of hanging daily. However, be warned hanging for too long can put unnecessary strain on ligaments and muscles and hence should only be done for short durations. 

  • Increase Height with Yoga 

We recommend you teach your child yoga asanas for height increase. Asanas is a Sanskrit term which means pose or posture. Surya Namaskar, commonly known as Sun Salutation, is a great exercise to try for little kids. It is an excellent way to stretch every muscle of the body, which encourages growth. Before beginning, make sure your kid does breathing exercises. Chakrasana is another yoga pose which can help your child stretch their entire body and improve flexibility in the spine. Make yoga fun for kids by changing locations as often as possible, such as indoors, backyard, park and the beach. Basically, anywhere where you can place the yoga mat.  

  • Does Skipping Increase Height? 

Another great exercise to consider is skipping exercises. The body stretches naturally when your kid skips. It promotes growth and is an incredible cardio which can improve your child’s overall health. Teach your little one always to start jumping at a gradual pace. Keep these skips to 50 per day. Gradually increase this count to 70 and above. Once your little one learns the joys of skipping, let them skip 300 times per day. It is essential to teach your kid not to drink water in between or after jumping as it can be detrimental to their health. Also, make sure they know one should end a skipping session gradually, even if they are short of breath. 

  • Try Swimming to Increase Height 

Swimming is yet another great way to boost growth. This activity is well-loved and enjoyed by most kids so it can be easily incorporated into your child’s weekend plans. Swimming is a full-body exercise which puts all the muscles in the body to great effect. It can also help your little one lose any unwanted fat and improve overall health. Swimming involves tons of stretching forward and it strengthens the spine which are much needed for growing tall. Add fun to this activity by getting pool toys and serving delicious fruit drinks afterward. 

  • Eating a Balanced Diet 

The most basic and simple step to improving growth and health is by consuming a balanced diet. For a remarkably enviable height teach your kids to steer clear of burgers, cakes, chips, pizza and sodas basically all fast foods and junk foods. Eating a healthy diet is a guaranteed way to improve height. Instead serve delicious and nutritious meals full of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The list of foods should ideally include dairy products, such as cheese, milk, fruit yogurt and plain yogurt. It should also include fish, meat, poultry and soy. These proteins not only aid body growth, but they also help build muscles and strengthen bones. Additionally, make sure your child has an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D for strong bones. 

Zinc is an important trace mineral which stimulates growth. So be sure to include zinc-rich foods such as crab, peanuts, pumpkin, squash seeds and wheat germ into your child’s diet. To ensure your kid eats healthy, don’t just serve these foods at home, but also pack them for lunch at school. A surefire way to guarantee your kid gets all the vital nutrition they need is by giving them the best supplement for kids, Vitality Supplement. This herbal dietary supplement is packed with a powerful blend of active ingredients, namely Centaurea, Cardamom, Dry Catkins, Dates, Emblic, Fenugreek, Ginger, Gotu Kola, Large Leaf Gieger Tree and Withania. This syrup increases height naturally and is a staple for growing children. 

  • Sleeping 

Sleeping is not only essential for good health, concentration and a strong immune system, but it is also important for growth. Though skipping sleep occasionally renders no long-term effect on growth. However, a child who gets proper eight hours shut-eye on most nights increases his probability of being stronger and taller than kids who don’t. Children tend to increase height while sleeping owing to the growth hormone, which releases during sleep. This hormone plays a crucial role in improving your child’s growth. So, make sure to create a cozy environment and establish strict bedtime to ensure your kid sleeps on time. 

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