Herbion Naturals Research and Development Laboratory

Herbion Naturals – A Herbal Guide and Introduction

A Brief History About Herbion

Founded in 1983, Herbion Naturals has quickly become a leading healthcare development company across the globe. Currently operating in 24 countries, the organization is one of the market leaders for plant-based products.

Our company engages in research, development, production, sales and marketing of natural products world-wide. With a commitment to providing herbal and therapeutic solutions for our valued customers, Herbion actively works towards discovering and innovating natural supplements through herbal ingredients to improve people’s lives across borders.

Rapid Growth Around the Globe

The organization operates in 24 countries, with over 44 formulations and over a thousand employee workforce. Herbion sales and marketing network is currently spread across Canada, Czech Republic, Georgia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Global Impact

We are enthusiastically dedicated to making a radical positive impact on the wellbeing of millions through plant-based solutions that are affordable, reliable and chemical free. Our company is heavily invested in integrity, execution and qualitative impact. A collaborative work environment enables us to incorporate intellectual freedom and growth of our employees. We give back by engaging in community development and leaving green footprints wherever we operate.

Here at Herbion, our efforts are driven to making natural healthcare affordable and accessible to all, therefore we work closely with governments, medical practitioners and local communities to ensure we achieve this. Our success is in our conviction to making a powerful impact on the lives of billions through providing herbal supplements with minimum side effects and maximum efficacy that are affordable and reliable.

Revolutionizing Herbal Remedies

We develop nature-based formulations in advanced pharmaceutical facilities in compliance with International cGMP standards. This ensures all our products meet the highest level of safety, purity, quality and efficacy. We incorporate scientific methodologies and ancient holistic wisdom to provide long-term health benefits to our valuable customers. Our extraordinary research and development team is vigorously innovating line extensions of existing formulations, new products, components and Drug Delivery System (DDS).

Our Vision

At Herbion, our vision is to work even harder to provide global community with safe and effective natural healthcare solutions which facilitate people to live better, happier and healthier lives.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to provide premium quality herbal products at an affordable price for its global customers while achieving and sustaining worldwide leadership in the Natural Healthcare Industry.

Our Core Values:

1) Quality: We take great pride in maintaining the highest quality for all our products. Therefore, our manufacturing process is in accordance with International cGMP quality standards.

2) Commitment: We are fully committed to our core values and pledge our endeavors for the attainment of our vision and mission.

3) Affordability: We strive hard to ensure that our Natural Healthcare Solutions are easily obtainable by maximum number of people.

4) Teamwork: Our organization consists of workforce from diverse cultures and societies. Our pool of intelligent, hardworking, self-motivated and dedicated team members bring their expertise to drive us to success.

5) Passion: The company’s global expansion is accredited to passion and dedication to the pursuit of its vision and mission.

6) Respect: We are deeply rooted in the belief of respecting our customers, associates, colleagues and society with the utmost degree of dignity, trust and equality.

Customers are the heart of everything we do. We strive to surpass customer expectations of both realized and unrealized needs with the innovation of herbal remedies. Check out our videos which highlights our commitment and values – Trust Herbion!