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Top Herbal Rumors & Myths that Should Be Debunked in 2019

It is no surprise that many people are practicing herbal remedies and embracing holistic lifestyles. However, insurmountable misconceptions and myths surround herbalism which unfortunately results in many effective treatments getting overlooked without a second thought.


Herbs have been used since as early as 60,000 years ago by […]

6 Natural Remedies to Treat Cough

Cough is your body’s way of clearing airway passages between the throat and lungs which can be clogged due to bacteria, dust, pollen, viruses and other irritants. Coughing can disrupt your work and sleep. It can lead to chest pain, exhaustion and leave you feeling miserable. A chronic cough can be a symptom of something […]

5 Ways to Treat Your Child’s Cough with Natural Treatments

Cold and coughs are common among young children. On average cough lasts up to two weeks. As a parent, you may feel helpless when your little one coughs up, and it can lead to both sleepless nights for you and your kid trying these home remedies can give quick comfort minus the unhealthy side effects […]

8 Secrets for a Healthy Holiday Season

Holidays are some of the most blessed, fun and stressful times. With so much to look forward to such as family dinners, parties, preparations, shopping and planning gift giving it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize your health. Once the holiday season is over, quite a few people feel anxious and depressed. Others let go […]

Places to Find the Best Herbal Ingredients

 The history of herbs dates back to 60,000+ BCE  back to our Paleolithic ancestors. Due to the efficacy of herbs they are used till this day to cure ailments ranging from mild to chronic. Previously the term herb was only used for non-woody plants, including those derived from […]

3 Cough, Cold & Flu Herbal Remedies that Work

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People with weak immune systems or nutrient deficiencies are more likely to catch the flu or cold. Lack of sleep, exposure to toxins and stress can worsen flu symptoms. With numerous medicines available in the market and very little information provided to the […]