The Incredible Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Importance of Yoga for Students   Yoga is a practice that comes from Buddhism and has been implemented by various people across the globe. In modern times individuals across all ages seem to deal with mental health issues. These can range from anxiety, depression and stress. Therefore, administrators, school districts and teachers across the United States are hoping to focus mindfulness on developing emotional and social skills, as well as raise productivity and lower stress.   At the start of 2019 school year in Mountain View School District, a small K-12 public school in Kingsley, Pennsylvania, implemented a Yoga and Mindfulness program in full swing to help students perform better for exams. This program aims to relax little minds, lower anxiety and stress levels so they can focus better on their performance for exams.   Why Yoga is Important for Schools?   Just like every other school in America, the Mountain View School District’s educational program places immense importance on students performing well and bagging high scores on state-issued exams. This takes a [...]

A Guide to Holistic Health and How It Can Benefit You

As the society is becoming more health conscious, people are looking for the best practices to ensure they reach optimal good health. Holistic health approach is taking over the United States of America by storm. So, if you are looking to fully understand and incorporate this wellness methodology into your lifestyle, then continue reading.  What Is Holistic Health and Well-being?  Holistic health definition includes looking at the big picture and all aspects involved rather than integrating and dissecting into small parts. Therefore, it aims to improve the general well-being and health of a patient by treating the spirit, mind and body, rather than restricting to treating a specific illness.   According to the American Holistic Health Association (AHHA), holistic health is a higher level of wellness which incorporates both alternative and conventional therapies to ward off and treat diseases for optimal good health. This involves an uninterrupted free flow of life force energy through the mind, body and spirit.  This unique approach encompasses an in-depth analysis of emotional, environmental, lifestyle, nutritional, physical and spiritual elements. The best part [...]

Impressive Benefits of Eating Sushi

What Is Sushi?  Can you guess what sushi means? Hint; no, it does not mean raw fish. The Japanese word sashimi means raw fish.  Sushi literally means acid or sour. As time passed by, sushi evolved into a term used to describe wholesome fermented seafood pickled with salt, which would give it a sour flavor.  How is Sushi Prepared?  Now you may think sushi is a combination of wholesome ingredients one on top of the other, presented to munch. But wait, it requires much more skill than just cutting and assembling. A sushi master chef knows the fine art of skillfully crafting each piece of sushi to perfection and balancing flavors to give you an experience of a lifetime.  Why is Sushi the Best Food?  Sushi is crafted with the most fundamental ingredients, but with a twist to pack a punch of flavor and healthy kick, which elevates the taste palette.  Why Sushi Rice Needs Vinegar?  Sushi rice is also known as sumeshi or sushi-meshi, which is a mixture of salt, sugar, vinegar and [...]

The Potential of Licorice to Help Combat Symptoms of COVID-19

In 2002, ever since the unfortunate outbreak of SARS, researchers were on the hunt for a possible treatment of this widespread deadly virus. However, just a decade later, in 2012, research came to a halt with the emergence of MERS, leading researchers to believe the SARS will not strike again, however, the current pandemic has proven them wrong. Among the many antiviral plants in these researches, one of the most promising is licorice root. In this article, we will take a closer look at the potency of this medicinal plant against this unfortunate pandemic.  What is Licorice Root Used for?  Licorice, also known as Glycyrrhiza glabra, is a widely used herb that is commonly used as a flavoring agent in edible products, such as candies. When used in a food item, it does not retain its health benefits. However, this is not the only way it can be used.   Licorice is widely used as an alternative medicine to treat symptoms of eczema, heartburn and sore throat. This herb also helps loosen bronchial congestion, [...]

Is Licorice effective against COVID 19?

According to a recent BBC News article: More than 85% of all confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded in China who underwent Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have recovered better than those who took only conventional medication. Almost all hospitalized patients were prescribed traditional medicine, a combination of Chinese Ephedra and Licorice Root. Studies have shown that licorice may have antiviral activity against viruses that are closely related to the new coronavirus, which makes it interesting information for future research. One of the main active compounds in Licorice Root is Glycyrrhizin, having a variety of therapeutic effects, including antiviral properties. According to research, glycyrrhizin may help fight infections through several mechanisms, including Interfering with the ability of viruses to release from infected cells Inhibiting virus gene expression Activating the development of T-cells (type of white blood cells that are of key importance to the immune system) This article is for informational purposes only. The current coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing event, and certain details may change as new [...]

Benefits of Taking Ginger Shot Daily

What Are Ginger Shots?  If you are not already on the bandwagon of ginger shots for health, then you are in the minority. This elixir is catching heat left, right and center. Made with concentrated amounts of ginger root, it is drunk in a small amount, hence shots.  These shots are excellent for numerous health benefits and are super easy to make in the comfort of your pajamas! You can easily switch up ingredients as per your liking by adding a little turmeric, orange juice, lemon juice, honey or cayenne pepper. Unlike store-bought shots, when you make it at home, you get yourself a tailor-made concoction.  We love a good recipe that takes minimum effort and is wonderful for health. If you do too, then read till the very end to check out our must-try ginger shot recipe.  Are Ginger Shots Supposed to Burn?  We know you are probably thinking, this can’t possibly be a good idea. It is far from the truth! This is one of the most potent [...]

Everything You Need to Know About E-Cigarette Ban 2020

The American youth is getting carried away with the latest fad of using e-cigarettes and it is only growing in popularity. This harmful addiction is most common among teens starting from as little as the eighth grade. Did you know it is estimated that 5 million U.S. high and middle school students are e-cigarette users? Teens are exposed to e-cigarette smoking not only by their peers, but also due to relentless advertisements via various mediums including magazines, newspapers, internet, movies and television.   Shockingly the country with over a population of approximately 329.45 million has never witnessed a substance epidemic escalate this quickly. Therefore, the US. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a policy against strict ban of unauthorized flavored e-cigarettes. These flavors are some of the most popular, such as mint and fruity flavors. This temporary ban will be implemented by the Federal Government unless companies can convince the FDA of safety of their products.  Senate Bill 793 prohibits the buying and selling of flavored products not covered by the federal ban. This includes menthol-flavored vaping devices, which can be filled with flavored chemicals. It is [...]

Reasons Why Your Child is Always Tired

Mommas, do you struggle with kids always complaining of waking up tired, struggling with not enough energy and lazing around the house? This is usually experienced after they have stayed up late the night prior or had a busy day at school. Sometimes children act sneaky and complain of being tired just to get out of doing household chores or homework. However, when your kid complains about being low on energy frequently, then perhaps you should take the time to help boost their energy levels by helping them workout, giving them the best multivitamin for kids and serving nutritious homemade meals.  What are the Causes of Low Energy and Fatigue?  Fret not, below are some common reasons why your kid might be struggling with a lack of energy.  Why is Exercise Important?  Most kids don’t get enough physical activity. They go to school, head home finish homework, use their phone or TV. Whatever little time they have to spare goes to playing video games. Thereby leaving no time for physical activity.  Benefits of physical [...]

The Importance of Exercise for Kids

Are you aware, poor health and childhood obesity is a growing concern in the United States? 20.6% of children between 12 to 19 years were also reported overweight.18.4% of 6 to 11-year-olds and 13.9% of children between 2 to 5 years were also reported obese. These alarming figures are a wakeup call for parents across America.  Just as we place importance on our physical fitness, as parents, we are responsible for our kid’s health and well-being as well. Keeping your kids fit does not necessarily require you to go to the gym; you can also keep them healthy and physically active with everyday activities and workout routines at home for kids.  Why is Exercise Important for Kids?  Getting fit and staying in shape can start at any age; however, your child can benefit from exercise in more ways than one. Below are some exercise benefits for children:  How Does Exercise Help with Weight Management in Kids?  With all the fried foods, crisps and cookies that kids indulge in daily, it [...]

6 Must-Have Warm Drinks to Ease Cold and Flu Symptoms

Winters are undeniably by far the jolliest season of the year. With the holiday season right around the corner, anyone and everyone is in high spirits until they catch a cold or flu. One thing’s for sure you either come down with the flu, the common cold, or a sore throat.  No matter the reason, the convalescence usually involves icky, bitter over the counter medications that generally come with side effects. What if we tell you there’s no need for those, you can easily combat cold and flu symptoms with just a few warm drinks, which are easy-to-make and taste incredible too.  It is important to note, right when you feel the first signs of illness creeping in, it is the best time to start drinking these warm beverages for maximum cold and flu prevention.  What to Drink When Sick?  You’re probably frazzled wondering what you should drink when sick? Let’s start with the basic, most essential fluid, water. Keeping the body well-hydrated throughout the year is essential, but you should [...]

Sore Throat Remedies that Actually Work for Kids

A sore throat can hurt your kids, not only physically, but also mentally as it may disrupt their sleep and the constant dry, itchy and scratchy feeling might make it uncomfortable to enjoy eating food. Sore throats can make your child feel downright miserable. While waiting to arrange a visit to a pediatrician you can try to ease the condition by trying sore throat remedies  at home to make your little one feels better. Scroll below to discover tried and tested remedies that work every time.  How to Cure a Sore Throat Fast with Cough Drops?  If your kid is old enough to have a hard candy type lozenge and is easily repelled by bitter syrups, try giving him good tasting cough drops for sore throat. Some over-the-counter natural cough drops contain potent ingredients such as menthol. Menthol works by gently numbing the throat tissues, which provides temporary relief from burning and pain sensations. Menthol is also an active ingredient in Herbion Naturals Herbal Cough Drops, though it is not very noticeable. These cough drops also contain a combination of medicinal herbs which are [...]

Signs, Symptoms and Causes of Novel Corona virus 2020

It is common news that the novel coronavirus has become an epidemic in China, since the first case emerged to the WHO China Country Office on 31st December 2019 in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China, of an unknown etiology. Till 3rd January 2020, at least 44 patients came forward with pneumonia of the unknown etiology. By 12th January 2020, the National Health Commission China further confirmed to the WHO, that the outbreak was, in fact, caused by exposures in a seafood market in Wuhan City.  As of right now, six people have lost their lives in the United States to novel coronavirus (CONVID-19). The U.S. has now issued a level 4 travel advisory warning to locals not to travel to countries where the virus is prevalent.    On 13th January 2020, the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, reported the first lab-confirmed case of CONVID-19. By 15th January 2020, another international case was reported by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan. On 20th January 2020, a case of CONVID-19 was [...]