5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Your Child’s Stuffy Nose

As a mom you cannot rest or sleep peacefully, knowing your little one is not feeling his best. A stuffy nose can be uncomfortable and make your kid sound nasal. Clogged nose is triggered by inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses caused by allergies, cold, flu or a sinus infection. A stuffy nose is mostly accompanied with watery eyes, build-up of mucus and swollen nasal tissues. Albeit home remedies for stuffy nose work effectively to ease nasal congestion, you can speed up the process by using Herbion natural Chest Rub. This non-medicated ointment contains a mixture of natural oils which soothe and relax the senses. Free from harmful ingredients such as petroleum, hydrogenated oils and camphor it is safe for children 2 years and older. This one of a kind natural Chest Rub contains minty vapors of essential oils which provide aromatherapy to help reduce inflammation and loosen mucus in blocked nasal passages. If you prefer a travel-friendly natural nasal decongestant, then you might want to try Herbion herbal Nasal Inhaler. Formulated with nature-based [...]

Dissimilarities Between Herbalism & Homeopathy

Battle between natural and conventional medicines is the one well-known and common. However the disparity between herbal and homeopathic medicines is yet to be unearthed.There is always a debate over natural medicines and benefits of natural products. Still, not everybody knows that there is a vast variety and contrasting methods of treatment in the world of natural medicines. For instance, homeopathy and herbal medicine though look similar in their behavior have a lot of dissimilarities. Let’s find out the fundamental difference between the two alternatives of conventional medicines called the pharmaceuticals.It can be said that herbal medicines is the first attempt of humans, of deriving a treatment for a health condition. It was developed when there was no concept of medical treatment and herbs and flowers were the things immediately available in the surrounding. Herbal medicines have come a long way. Herbal and natural is not the words limited to medicines. People in many western countries opt for products that contain herbs or [...]

5 Delicious and Nutritious Foods to Increase Height in Children

Are you looking for effective ways to increase the height of your children? Helping your kid sprout into their optimal height is a growing concern among parents. After all, height can affect your child's confidence as well as personality.  Though it is absolutely normal for some kids to grow at a slower pace than their peers or just be short. As parents, we want to try everything we can to ensure they do not get left behind their peers.  What Determines Children’s Height?  Before we begin, it is crucial to know height is mostly determined by genetics. However, external factors such as nutrition and foods one eats can have a monumental impact on the height of a growing person.  To recapitulate the most crucial factors determining height are genes, lifestyle and diet. Although you have zero control over genetic makeup, you have plenty of room to play with the latter two factors. After all, it is no surprise that inadequate nutrition not only stunts the growth but also [...]

All You Need to Know About Mucus

Are you suffering from cough, heaviness in the chest and a constant urge to clear your throat? These are all signs of chest congestion due to lodged mucus. Chest congestion is usually a result of external interference with pathogen microorganisms and is accompanied by mucus in the respiratory tract. When mucus production gets excessive, it gives a feeling of tightness in the chest. The respiratory passages produce mucus as a barrier to prevent the entry of microbial pathogens into the system. When the body gets infected, it kicks into defense mode and produces excessive mucus to combat the microbial invasion. This aids the expulsion of microbes with the help of coughing up or spitting out of mucus.   What is Mucus?  Mucus or phlegm is a stringy and slippery substance produced by lining tissues within the body. It is present in every individual and is necessary for body functions as it acts as a moisturizing and protective layer to keep critical organs from drying out. Phlegm is produced by the mucus membranes that line the [...]

5 Effective Tips to Boost the Immune System

Unless you are a health enthusiast, it is very easy to get all frazzled in your busy schedule and let go of your health. This is especially true for the sweater weather, as the leaves start to rustle, the pumpkin picking season rolls over and it gradually starts getting dark and gloomy. Who doesn’t enjoy cozying up on the couch with their pet and sipping on homemade pumpkin spice lattes? We sure do! However, this joy is short-lived as most of us come down with the common cold symptoms.    You can either take the blow and recover by taking all natural cough drops and best cough syrup for adults or you can work proactively to ensure you do not become a victim of the common cold symptoms. The fastest way to achieve this is by boosting your immune system.  What Is the Function of the Immune System?  The immune system is monumental for the well-being and survival of all humanity. The immune system functions to keep us healthy and protected against pathogens. When the immune system is weakened, it [...]

5 Best Natural Nighttime Cough Suppressants

Coughing time to time during the day can help rid the lungs of excess mucus or irritants. It can also aid the removal of germs from the lungs and prevent infections. However, when coughing becomes recurrent at nighttime, especially among children, it can become a cause of concern. This usually makes one wonder what is best for nighttime cough? Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can get quick relief from this ordeal, including natural remedies for cough. If you are contemplating how you can quiet a nighttime cough, then keep reading.  What is the Best Cough Medicine?  Cough caused primarily at nighttime can be triggered by mucus running across the gag reflex. Herbion Naturals Sugar Free Throat Syrup is the best cough syrup for adults and children to get quick relief from unbearable nighttime cough. This natural remedy for cough is formulated with an alcohol free, nut free and gluten free composition, which is non-sedative and void of toxic chemicals. Therefore, it is suitable for kids as young as six months. This sugar free cough syrup relieves all types of coughs, promotes healthy lung [...]

Survival Kit for Working Moms with Sick Kids

The lengths working moms go through daily to balance work and home is truly commendable. This fast-paced lifestyle can turn into a complete nightmare when one of the kids comes down with sickness and you are stuck with a boss who is not very understanding. Working parents have to work twice as hard to ensure child-care is not compromised. Many rely on their family, friends and neighbors to babysit when their child is ill. Staying home every time your little guy catches cold is simply not possible for moms, especially once they run out of sick leaves. On the opposite of this spectrum, moms working for understanding bosses secretly fear taking time off frequently will send a message that they do not take their job seriously. Looking at the broad picture, it is both unsettling and unacceptable that as a society, we trumpet the importance of family values and yet in the corporate world there are hardly any flexible policies to facilitate working families. This is why preventing illness is better than the [...]

7 Simple Ways to Increase Height in Kids

As parents, we want the very best for our babies. A good height is no exception. Tall and strong children are ideally considered the embodiment of good health. On average most children are the same height or much taller than their parents were during childhood. However, quite a few kids are not as tall as their peers, which can quickly become a growing concern for parents. If you are concerned about your child’s growth and height, it is essential to know genetics play an important part in determining these factors. However, it is not the only factor that influences growth.  How Can I Increase the Height of My Children?  To increase your little one’s chances of sprouting into a tall adult, we recommend you try the best supplement for kids, Herbion Naturals Vitality Supplement. The all-natural formulation contains a blend of herbs which increase height, boost energy, promote growth, relieve fatigue, stimulate appetite and support mental functions. This herbal supplement is void of artificial flavors and toxic chemical, hence it is suitable for children [...]

Effective Tips to Ease Hay Fever

Did you know in 2015, 8.4% of children and 8.2% of adults were diagnosed with hay fever? This harsh reality has numerous residents of the U.S. reaching annually for allergy medications. Hay fever is also known as allergic rhinitis, which is triggered by a group of symptoms affecting the nose. Allergic rhinitis is caused when the individual’s immune system becomes sensitized and overreacts to something present in the environment that typically does not affect most people. Be sure to incorporate natural immune boosters into your daily regime to build immunity against this ailment.   Do not let the name deceive you, this illness is not caused by exposure to hay. And as contradictory as it maybe you don’t actually have a fever during this illness either. So how was the term “hay fever” coined? The name was derived from a wildly popular idea in the 19th century that the smell of hay in the summer months irritated the body. It was only until more than 30 years later that the main culprit of this fever [...]

4 Foods to Energize Your Child

Let’s face it running around all day playing in the schoolyard can drain the energy right out of your child. What you pack for your kid's lunch box can have a long-lasting impact on their energy levels. However, most working moms do not have the time to prepare snacks straight in the morning, while juggling breakfast and running after kids getting them dressed for school. This often results in packing processed foods such as microwave pizzas, burgers and nuggets or even potato crisps, chocolate cookies and donuts for lunch. These foods contain added sugar, which not only makes your kid hyper and distracted but also results in a sudden sugar rush, which is accompanied by a sugar crash. This is the very reason why most kids return home absolutely drained of energy. Additionally, processed foods are also high in salt, fat and calories, which leads to unwanted weight gain.  If you find yourself worrying over your little one’s fleeting energy then get your hands on the best supplement [...]

6 Effective Herbs for Children

Using over the counter medications for your child can be overwhelming and may prove to be damaging in the long run as they contain adverse side effects. On the other hand, herbs are safe and help your child recover efficiently from ailments. At first, using herbs can be intimidating, but it is quite simple once you get a knowledgeable grasp of it. Once you get familiar with essential herbs, you can try them out and further expand your collection of natural health remedies. If you prefer using natural health products alongside, then we highly recommend Herbion Naturals dietary supplements. These supplements are safe, effective and easily available at Amazon.com.  Before you venture into trying herbal remedies, make sure your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients to avoid harsh reactions.  We have shortlisted six powerful herbs which are most beneficial for children:     Chamomile   Chamomile plant belongs to the Asteracea family. It helps one relax and is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. Since it is high in essential oil content, it works as an effective carminative [...]

5 Benefits for Children Who Take Throat Syrup

As parents the most gut wrenching feeling is watching your child struggle with an illness. Cold is one of the most common ailments, especially since your little ones are exposed to germs, they don’t wash their hands frequently and they have a weak immune system. Runny nose and chesty cough can last for weeks disrupting their playtime and naptime periodically. Parents often find it trivial to choose which throat syrup to give to their children and which to avoid. It is always best to choose herbal syrups specially designed for treating illnesses in children since they have close to minimum side effects. One such dietary supplement is Herbion Naturals Throat Syrup for Children. It contains the goodness of plant-based ingredients that relieve cough, optimize immunity, soothe sore throat, promote healthy lung and bronchial passages. Below is a list of 5 benefits for children who take Herbion Throat Syrup: Natural Ingredients Our Throat Syrup for Children contains an optimally balanced concoction, formulated with Malabar Nut, Marshmallow, Large Leaf [...]