5 DIY Techniques to Remove Productive Cough

  Are you unable to concentrate due to nagging cough? Are you also experiencing chest congestion and mucus buildup? Then, you are most likely suffering from productive cough. This wet cough feels rattly and produces phlegm (sputum). There are numerous reasons for wet cough including bronchitis, viral infections, pneumonia, smoking and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Below are 5 DIY techniques to remove productive cough, that will make you feel better in no time: Hydration During cough or sickness, the immune system gets weak. Staying hydrated is the simplest and most effective way to loose mucus and keep a dry throat at ease. Plus, it enables your immune system to fight sickness more efficiently. Increase your fluid intake by drinking warm water, herbal teas, fresh juices and clear broths. Try to avoid energy drinks, alcohol, caffeinated sodas and coffee while you have cough. Honey It is no surprise honey is an effective treatment for coughs and sore throat. This natural sweetener contains antiviral and antibacterial properties which [...]

Important Herbal Essentials for Daily Use

Herbs have been used since the dawn of times for their aromatic and medicinal properties. Ancient Unani manuscripts, Chinese writings and Egyptian papyrus all describe the use of herbs. WHO (World Health Organization) estimated 80 percent of people around the globe use herbal medicines. Though not all plants can be used for medicinal purposes, treatment with medicinal plants is relatively safer with minimal side effects. These plants are considered a rich resource of ingredient for non pharmacopoeial, pharmacopoeial and synthetic drug development. Keep reading to find essential herbal extracts for daily use. Ashwagandha:  This herb is vital for those suffering from stress, arthritis, insomnia, skin conditions, diabetes, constipation, gastrointestinal issues, fevers, nervous breakdowns, memory loss and snake bites. Peppermint: This refreshing herb is an excellent source of calcium, manganese, magnesium and potassium. Its essential oil contains menthol, known for local anesthetic, analgesic and counter-irritant properties. Peppermint helps digestive issues, reduces allergies, calms nausea and promotes alertness. Cardamom: This natural tranquilizer brings peace to the mind and [...]

5 Reasons Herbion Naturals Chest Rub is Popular on Amazon

Did you know on average 200,000 Americans hospitalize annually due to common cold and flu? That’s right, it’s more common than you think. Approximately $10 billion U.S. dollars are spent on outpatient doctor visits and hospitalization bills pertaining to this illness. If you are suffering from mucus buildup, persistent cough or blocked nasal passages catching on to early signs and taking immediate action can help save you from discomfort in your chest and your wallet. Chest Rubs along with other remedies such as throat syrups, herbal teas and cough drops are a great way to combat the symptoms in an efficient way. Let’s take a closer look at 5 reasons why Herbion Naturals Chest Rub is popular on Amazon: All Natural Ingredients Formulated with all natural essential oils namely Blue Gum Oil, Clove Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Olive Oil and Wintergreen Oil this natural balm reduces pain, congestion, alleviates cold and flu symptoms to give you a soothing effect. It’s free from artificial oils and harmful petroleum [...]

Herbal Throat Syrups VS Synthetic Cough Syrups

Herbal Throat Syrups VS Synthetic Cough Syrups One of the most common issues among adults and children alike are cold, flu and their underlying symptoms such as coughs and sore throats. In such instances, we find that most people turn to certain medications for temporary relief that sometimes do not meet the prescribed health and safety guidelines. There are some medicines, however, on which the public is divided to the extent that it begs the question - Are herbal throat syrups better than Synthetic Cough Syrups? Advantages & Disadvantages There are both benefits and shortcomings to the use of herbal and synthetic cough syrups. Herbal throat remedies may not work as fast as the synthetic ones; however, not only are they a safer alternative but also have long-term health benefits for lungs and improves the immune system. Moreover, the real danger looms over synthetic throat syrups as they may be life threatening to kids, affecting their ability to breathe and other long-term health risks such as [...]

How to Boost Immunity During Winter Season?

Winter Blues As soon as the weather changes you see people sneezing, coughing and wheezing around you. Instantly, that makes you feel as if something going wrong inside your body as well. Especially, before winters, it looks like everybody is affected by cold and flu. Along with it, during this time of the year people also faces other health problems such as joint pains, headache and fatigue. These conditions can be the symptoms of cold and flu. Because of all these health hazards your energy level drops down making you feel unwell. Even the skin does not stay impervious by the effects of the changing weather. The other problems we face in and before winters are cracked heels and flaking skin. What is the Flu? To understand the reason behind flu in winters we need to find out what actually flu is. It is a viral disease of the respiratory system. The influenza virus attacks the cells of the body making a person sick. Flu is different [...]