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The Incredible Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Did you know, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), we should weekly consume one to two portions of fish as it is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that are synonymous with good health. However, if you do not enjoy eating fish, fish oils are a great alternative to consider.  

Fish oil is […]

Nutrition Label Redesigned Makes It Easy to Eat Right

How many of us can honestly say we know exactly how many calories we are consuming, how many hidden sugars we are eating and what the exact nutrition level of our store-bought meals is? Not many of us can, no wonder we end up munching on all sorts of unhealthy foods without even knowing […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Using Elderberries

Elderberries are known for two things, their remarkable flavor and incredible health benefits. People have reaped elderberry benefits for hundreds of years. No wonder this tiny fruit is considered one of Mother Nature’s incredible solutions for good health. 

From among the 30 different types of elderberry trees and plants found across the globe, 

The Ultimate Guide to CRISPR

CRISPR gene therapy has taken over by storm. This scientific breakthrough has revolutionized medicine. Simply put, CRISPR is an affordable way of editing DNA. This game-changer has opened up limitless possibilities for researchers to cure chronic diseases, for instance, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and blindness. It does not just stop there; CRISPR has also established […]

Health Benefits and Nutrition of Avocados

The numerous avocado health benefits are the reason for it becoming one of the most popular fruits. This superfood has a delicious sweet and savory flavor that can be enjoyed by itself or by incorporating it into several different dishes. Avocados are an excellent source of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. This nutrient-dense food is […]

Role of Herbal Medicine in Holistic Treatments

Role of Herbal Medicine in Holistic Treatments

The use of herbs and plants for medical purposes has increased rapidly around the world as people have become more aware of the adverse effects of long term usage of drugs. This is the reason that these natural products are not […]

The Incredible Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Importance of Yoga for Students  

Yoga is a practice that comes from Buddhism and has been implemented by various people across the globe. In modern times individuals across all ages seem to deal with mental health issues. These can range from anxiety, depression and stress. Therefore, administrators, school districts and teachers […]

A Guide to Holistic Health and How It Can Benefit You

As the society is becoming more health conscious, people are looking for the best practices to ensure they reach optimal good health. Holistic health approach is taking over the United States of America by storm. So, if you are looking to fully understand and incorporate this wellness methodology into your lifestyle, then […]

Impressive Benefits of Eating Sushi

What Is Sushi? 

Can you guess what sushi means? Hint; no, it does not mean raw fish. The Japanese word sashimi means raw fish. 

Sushi literally means acid or sour. As time passed by, sushi evolved into a term used to describe wholesome fermented seafood pickled with salt, which would give it […]

The Potential of Licorice to Help Combat Symptoms of COVID-19

In 2002, ever since the unfortunate outbreak of SARS, researchers were on the hunt for possible treatment of this widespread deadly virus. However, just a decade later, in 2012, research came to a halt with the emergence of MERS, leading researchers to believe the SARS will not strike again, however, the current pandemic […]