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The Incredible Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Importance of Yoga for Students  

Yoga is a practice that comes from Buddhism and has been implemented by various people across the globe. In modern times individuals across all ages seem to deal with mental health issues. These can range from anxiety, depression and stress. Therefore, administrators, school districts and teachers […]

A Guide to Holistic Health and How It Can Benefit You

As the society is becoming more health conscious, people are looking for the best practices to ensure they reach optimal good health. Holistic health approach is taking over the United States of America by storm. So, if you are looking to fully understand and incorporate this wellness methodology into your lifestyle, then […]

Impressive Benefits of Eating Sushi

What Is Sushi? 

Can you guess what sushi means? Hint; no, it does not mean raw fish. The Japanese word sashimi means raw fish. 

Sushi literally means acid or sour. As time passed by, sushi evolved into a term used to describe wholesome fermented seafood pickled with salt, which would give it […]

The Potential of Licorice to Help Combat Symptoms of COVID-19

In 2002, ever since the unfortunate outbreak of SARS, researchers were on the hunt for possible treatment of this widespread deadly virus. However, just a decade later, in 2012, research came to a halt with the emergence of MERS, leading researchers to believe the SARS will not strike again, however, the current pandemic […]

Is Licorice effective against COVID 19?

According to a recent BBC News article:

More than 85% of all confirmed cases of COVID 19 recorded in China who underwent Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have recovered better than those who took only conventional medication. Almost all hospitalized patients were prescribed traditional medicine, a combination of Chinese Ephedra and Licorice Root.

Studies have shown that licorice […]

Benefits of Taking Ginger Shot Daily

What Are Ginger Shots? 

If you are not already on the bandwagon of ginger shots for health, then you are in the minority. This elixir is catching heat left, right and center. Made with concentrated amounts of ginger root, it is drunk in a small amount, hence shots. 

These shots […]

Everything You Need to Know About E-Cigarette Ban 2020

The American youth is getting carried away with the latest fad of using e-cigarettes and it is only growing in popularity. This harmful addiction is most common among teens starting from as little as the eighth grade. Did you know it is estimated that 5 million U.S. high and middle school students are e-cigarette […]

Reasons Why Your Child is Always Tired

Mommas, do you struggle with kids always complaining of waking up tired, struggling with not enough energy and lazing around the house? This is usually experienced after they have stayed up late the night prior or had a busy day at school. Sometimes children act sneaky and complain of being tired just to get out of doing […]

6 Must-Have Warm Drinks to Ease Cold and Flu Symptoms

Winters are undeniably by far the jolliest season of the year. With the holiday season right around the corner, anyone and everyone is in high spirits until they catch a cold or flu. One thing’s for sure you either come down with the flu, the common cold, or a sore throat. 

No matter […]