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5 Delicious Aphrodisiacs for Unstoppable Romance

Aphrodisiac foods have been consumed by people since the dawn of times. Food and intercourse are closely linked, no wonder romantic meals and sweet treats are the norms of dating. These foods are notorious due to their reputation of enhancing desire and reviving up libido. The history of aphrodisiac originates from the […]

5 Benefits for Children Who Take Throat Syrup

As parents the most gut wrenching feeling is watching your child struggle with an illness. Cold is one of the most common ailments, especially since your little ones are exposed to germs, they don’t wash their hands frequently and they have a weak immune system. Runny nose and chesty cough can last for […]

Things You Need to Know About Sore Throat

It is relatively common to get a dry, painful and scratchy throat. This can be due to infections or even dry air. Although most of the time this symptom goes away on its own, sometimes sore throat can be uncomfortable and linger for longer than expected. There are three kinds of sore throats namely […]