Who Is Picky Eater? 

All parents who have a picky eater at hands know it can be quite troublesome. Almost every parent can relate to this dilemma at some point or another. Pesky picky eaters avoid eating most foods and seem to spend the entire day living on just a few bites here and there, instead of completing full meals. The good news is if your child is growing well, he is most likely eating enough. However, if you want to improve their diet, keep reading. 

Picky Eater’s Guide to Eating Healthy 

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How to Help Picky Eater Gain Weight? 

If you have a picky eater at hand, mealtimes can be a real struggle, so how do you turn this around? In this article, we will share some nifty tips for kids of all ages, to help them look forward to meals as well as enjoy eating a nutritious, healthy diet. 

What to Feed My Picky Eater? 

Try your best to feed your child whatever you eat. So instead of cooking a variety of chicken steaks throughout the week, venture out and prepare tons of healthy meals. Ideally, this is the time to expose your kid to all kinds of different vegetables. Develop your picky eater toddler’s food palette from a young age, so no matter what you cook, they are at least open to eating it. 

Most parents restrict their child’s diet by only preparing meals they enjoy, thereby positively reinforcing their picky eater, which in turn ensures they stay one for longer. Instead, a simple technique to try is to have a single meal serving. If only one meal is present at the table, your kid has a higher chance of eating it.  

This is the perfect time to implement practice what you preach. Show your kid you enjoy eating the foods you want them to eat. Since most children love imitating others around them, they are sure to eat these meals more likely than if you were to eat something else. When you and your partner try new foods, neither of you like, do not show disinterest as this will only encourage your child to exhibit similar behavior when they want to avoid eating. 

It is still relatively easy for parents to feed their kids in their presence, but how do you take care of this when they are at school? An excellent tip for preparing picky eaters school lunches is to make them together. Involve your little one in the process of preparing their school lunches. Putting in time and effort will ensure they appreciate the effort more and thereby increase their chances of eating. 

Quit Bribing Your Picky Eater 

It is easy to fall into the spiral of bribing your picky eater to eat some broccoli in return for a chocolate bar. However, parents beware this behavior will only get worse. In fact, it will only make the reward food even more exciting and will make the actual meal feel like a tedious, mundane task. Instead, limit such behavior by offering praise and appreciation to your child upon completion of meals.  

Picky Eater Menu Plan 

To make it a little more exciting, serve food in colorful kid-friendly cutlery, in adorable shapes, so they are more drawn to eating. The next time you want your little one to eat fruit, serve it on a skewer like a kebab rather than in a bowl. Even as adults, we prefer eating foods that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, so why expect your child to be any different? The key is to think like a child when preparing meals for them. 

Serve delicious fruit smoothies with umbrellas and colorful straws and veggies with colorful toothpicks. If there is a specific character, your child adores, get utensil sets of it, serve food in it to draw attention. 

Family Dinners with Picky Eater 

As adults, we like to make decisions for our kids, which temporarily saves time, but does no benefit. Instead of plating your kid’s meals with your desired portion, serve food in platters and allow them to fill up their plate. Try to include at least one meal every day that your child will enjoy for sure.  

If parent policing is done all the time, it ruins fun and makes the environment tense making the kid dread mealtime. A stress-free environment allows your child to express themselves, enjoy food their way and lets them look forward to the next meal served. Plus, you get bonus points as it helps build your child’s confidence. 

If your kid does not reach for healthy meals, it is best to have an open discussion with them. Teach them the benefits of eating a healthy diet and even have them watch cartoons with similar content. You can also encourage them to have their input and prepare semi-healthy meals as per their instructions. When kids have a say, they are more likely to eat food. 


For maximum gains, use these tips along with giving your child thebest multivitamins for kidsHerbion Naturals Vitality Supplement for Kidsto promote their appetite. Once they feel hungry often, you can introduce them to healthy, delicious meals to ensure they maintain a healthy weight and grow strong.