Everyone is excited for Halloween, kids and adults both enjoy dressing up from head-to-toe in their favorite characters or costumes, decorating the house with carved pumpkins, lighting up candles, and getting spooked. Not to mention trick-or-treating, all the free candy and Halloween parties that will bring together friends, families and communities for a night of fun and frolic. No wonder, Halloween is one of the most beloved seasons for kids and adults. 

Halloween 2020 is going to be a little different this year, you can still take your little ones trick-or-treating. Nonetheless, we recommend taking some necessary precautionary measures to ensure the safety and good health of your little angels. After all, though stores, malls, offices and schools might be opening, the coronavirus is still spreading. Stay with us for useful and practical tips to ensure you and your children have a good time while staying safe and healthy. 

BOO-st Immunity 

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You can also support good health by giving your child immune-boosting foods for kids, such as vitamin C rich fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, fish, and an overall balanced diet. 

Since your children will be mingling with friends, neighbors, and other trick-or-treaters, it is essential to wear a mask at all times. If the costume they have chosen already has a mask included, that is great. However, for costumes with exposed faces, a face mask is mandatory. After all, the pandemic is still spreading. A mask will also prevent your child from catching a common cold or flu from those around them. Be sure your kids carry a pocket-size hand sanitizer, avoid shaking hands with anyone, practice social distancing and sanitize before and after eating candy. 

Why Eat Before TrickorTreating Begins? 

There are only a few things that get little ones as excited as playing dress-up and eating candy. Therefore, your kids might be overly enthusiastic about gobbling down all the free candy they receive in one sitting. As parents, sometimes it is also relatively easy to lose track of how many chocolate bars you guzzle down while walking around the block on an empty stomach. 

To avoid the sugar binge, eat a hearty, healthy meal before heading out the door. You and your kids are less likely to munch on excessive candy if your stomach is already full. To make sure your little ones enjoy the meal, get creative with Halloween dinner recipes, such as Halloween pasta recipes and Halloween pizza. Be sure to incorporate veggies as much as possible and even toss a colorful salad. 

Fun and Fitness for Kids 

Halloween weight gain is real, especially for children. With all their baskets filled with candy, it is only inevitable they will devour until their tummy hurts. To avoid weight gain and to keep your kids energetic, instead of driving around the block, walk with them. This allows you to spend quality time with your children, dress up and take part in the festivities as well as enjoy a brisk walk which helps burn calories and avoid mindlessly chewing on Halloween candy. 

Healthy Treats for Halloween 

With all the free sugary candies comes sugar rush, followed by sugar crashes. Though it is tempting to give children the traditional chocolate bars, candy corn and sour candies, this year give them healthy treats instead. There are numerous healthy snacks to choose from. Swap the refined-sugar chocolates for granolas, candy apples, graham crackers, fig, apricot and date candies or fresh fruit. 

You can take it up a notch by making healthy fruit juices or smoothies. You can even add all-natural food color to turn them into spooky shades such as purple, red or green. Pour them in Halloween themed disposable little cups, be sure to secure with a lid and add a straw. Most trick-or-treaters tend to get thirsty while walking door to door. These drinks are a great way to keep them hydrated. Moreover, they taste great and will help keep kids energized for longer. You can also bake ghosts, ghouls and pumpkin shaped healthy cookies to distribute among trick-or-treaters.   

Another wonderful option is to hand out toys or art and school supplies. These do not have to be expensive. Swing by your nearest store and pick up a bunch of inexpensive items that are safe for kids of all ages to enjoy. Such as crayons, color pencils, coloring books, spooky pencil cases, themed face masks, frisbees, jump ropes and bouncy balls. These supplies feel like a present, are useful even after Halloween night and encourage little ones to get creative. The best part is, kids will love these fun treats, and you will not be left with any leftover sweet treats that you might find yourself indulging in. 

Remember You Are No Zombie 

The excitement of Halloween can sometimes make kids lose sleep. As parents, we need to remind them to get proper sleep, especially if they want to stay awake till late hours of scary Halloween night. Since most kids walk around the block trick-or-treating it is essential to be alert while crossing roads as cars will be driving by. Sleepyheads will be rubbing their eyes and yawning through all the fun, and the whole point of this occasion is to enjoy it. 

Therefore, getting a good night’s sleep promotes good mood, concentration, positivity and boosts immunity. So, make sure you create a relaxing environment for your child to sleep so that he can dose off to slumber with ease.  


We hope you and your kids enjoy Halloween 2020 to the fullest. Be sure to take safety measures and practice social distancing guidelines. Happy trick-or-treating!