As a mom you cannot rest or sleep peacefully, knowing your little one is not feeling his best. A stuffy nose can be uncomfortable and make your kid sound nasal. Clogged nose is triggered by inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses caused by allergies, cold, flu or a sinus infection. A stuffy nose is mostly accompanied with watery eyes, build-up of mucus and swollen nasal tissues. Albeit home remedies for stuffy nose work effectively to ease nasal congestion, you can speed up the process by using Herbion natural Chest Rub. This non-medicated ointment contains a mixture of natural oils which soothe and relax the senses. Free from harmful ingredients such as petroleum, hydrogenated oils and camphor it is safe for children 2 years and older. This one of a kind natural Chest Rub contains minty vapors of essential oils which provide aromatherapy to help reduce inflammation and loosen mucus in blocked nasal passages. If you prefer a travel-friendly natural nasal decongestant, then you might want to try Herbion herbal Nasal Inhaler. Formulated with nature-based ingredients, this non-medicated herbal inhaler soothes nasal passages and provides effective relief from nasal blockage for children 12 years and above as well as adults. 

Below is a list of powerful natural nasal decongestants that you may try from the comfort of your home to make your child feel better. 

Tip #1: Load Up on Fluids 

Cold and flu symptoms are accompanied by dehydration, avoid it by offering plenty of fluids to your child. Having your kid sip liquids all day will also aid nasal secretion, which will reduce congestion. For children and infants, water is best. However, we are all familiar with how reluctant children can be to drinking water repeatedly. In this case, one can resort to delicious healthy beverages such as fruit juices and smoothies. You can also prepare herbal teas, chicken soup or serve a cup of hot water mixed with honey and lemon. Fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, peaches and watermelon are also great for staying hydrated as they are rich in water content. 

Tip #2: Banish Stuffy Nose with Nasal Drops 

Nasal drops are effective for alleviating congestion caused by allergies cold or flu. These drops contain a saline solution which allows the blood vessels in the nose to contract, reduce swelling in the sinus region and dilute mucus. Saline drops treat dryness in the nasal passages by adding moisture and softening crusty mucus, thereby making it easier to secrete. This method is recommended for babies and young children who cannot blow their noses. Be sure to keep a tissue box at your disposal to help your child keep his nose clean. Mom’s beware since some nasal drops contain harmful additives; it is best to choose natural nasal decongestants to avoid adverse side effects. 

Tip #3: Warm Compress 

A warm compress can help ease a clogged nose by opening nasal passages. Take a washcloth, soak it in warm water, squeeze out water from the towel, fold it and place it over your little one’s forehead. Be sure to check the warmth before application to avoid burning the skin. The heat of the compress can provide much-needed comfort from pain, help relieve inflammation within the nostrils and put your cutie to slumber. You can repeat this as often as requiredUtilize this time to cheer up your little one’s spirit by telling fun bedtime stories and singing their favorite nursery rhymes. 

Tip #4: Humidifier 

When your child battles the cold or flu it can make them feel dehydrated quite fast. When the nose membranes are not covered in mucus, your kid gets exposed to the flu or respiratory viruses. What’s worse is that some viruses aggravate in dry environments, thereby increasing the chances of infection. For instance, the flu virus spreads faster when the humidity is low. Humidifiers are ideal in this case as they help reduce congestion by adding moisture to the air, this helps thin mucus in the nose. Although warm-mist and cool-mist humidifiers are equally effective, it is best to use a cool-mist humidifier. Avoid using a warm-mist humidifier as it can lead to accidental burns. If you have one with a separate aroma tray, that is even better as it can be used to add a few drops of essential oil for aiding relief. 

Tip #5: Sleep & Rest Well 

Since the body works hard to fight off the cold, your cutie’s energy levels are much lower than usual. Throughout the day as your child watches cartoons or reads books, make sure he is in a comfortable, snuggly sitting place, such as a bed or a sofa. We are sure your kid will attest; congestion feels worse at night. This can create a vicious cycle of restlessness because though one needs proper rest and relaxation to recover from a cold or flu, it can be difficult breathing at night which can make it hard to sleep. We recommend putting extra pillows under your little one’s head, this will help drain their sinuses. Make sure the humidifier is on while your kid slumbers, so their mucus thins out. In case a humidifier is not available at your disposal, you can have your child stay in the bathroom with the hot shower running and let them breathe in the steam. This will ease congestion and aid sleeping. Furthermore, you can also apply a thin layer of natural Chest Rub on your kid’s throat and chest to relieve congestion while they sleep. 


We hope you try our home remedies to make sure your little one recovers fast from nasal congestion. Combine these with Herbion natural nasal decongestants to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. Shop for herbal nasal inhaler and natural chest rub at