As the pandemic takes over the world in its grip, the local authorities have asked people throughout the U.S. to stay home in self-isolation. This new norm is a bit daunting and can be too much to wrap your head around. With measures to self-distance ourselves from our loved ones, friends, and family, it can take a toll on even the most mentally healthy individuals.  

Even introverts who canceled plans with friends frequently, to spend time on their own, are struggling with having too much time alone at home. Though social distancing is the absolute way to protect ourselves physically from COVID-19, we must play a proactive role in considering its impact on our mental health. 

Importance of Mental Health 

Being away from family, friends, and even colleagues, you see daily can snowball into feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and stress. Some people may also suffer from restlessness and depression. After all, these individuals hold a near and dear place in our lives and function as buffers to our inner turmoil, cheer us up and form a connection with us that makes us feel valued. 

We have got some good news and bad news for you. The bad news is this has become the new normal, so it may not change overnight. Nonetheless, we sure hope it goes back to how things were before. The good news is there is plenty you can do while staying safe at home to ensure you take proper care of your mental health.  

Your mental health determines your mood, productivity, how you handle stress, and can also have an impact on your physical health. If you are looking for simple steps to take care of your mental health, stay with us. In this article, we will discuss numerous ways you can promote positivity and make the most of self-isolation. 

Mindfulness Benefits 

Being mindful of our emotions and thoughts can do wonders for self-growth. It can even help you master your emotions, foster more self-love, and acceptance within yourself. Whether you choose to try mindfulness meditation, write a journal, repeat self-affirmations, try breathing techniques, or all of the above, it helps you regain your center, bring inner peace, and add a surge of positivity. 

How to Practice Mindfulness? 

One of the simplest ways you can enjoy mindfulness, anytime, anywhere, especially when you are spirally down the path of negative thoughts and emotions, is to practice gratitude. When left alone for too long, especially in the current circumstances, it is easy to feel hopeless. However, you must pay close attention to your thoughts and inner dialogue, stop it in its tracks before it goes out of control, and instead mindfully focus on the positive things in life. 

Focus your thoughts on the good in each day, the positive things happening around the world, laugh a little, and concentrate on being blessed with good health. To turn this simple idea into a daily habit, begin by writing down three things at the start of the day that you are grateful for, and that bring you joy. You can do the same for daily stressors. 

Similarly, repeat this process before going to bed. Revert to the list and see if there is something you can do to reduce the stressors and find peace in the things you are grateful for. This technique helps you direct your energy on the present and things that you have control over. We must learn to control our thoughts because if we do not, your mind will play out the ‘worst-case-scenario,’ which serves as a downer and brings unwanted stress, fear, and anxiety. 

Benefits of Healthy Eating and Exercise 

Just because the gyms are closed is not a good excuse to let go of your exercise routine and become a couch potato. Becoming a homebody predisposes you to a sedentary lifestyle, which is why you must work twice as hard to avoid it. Besides being confined to home with nothing to do can quickly result in overeating meals and snacking on food to pass the time. 

Working out is excellent not only to look your best but also feel your best. Exercising can reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone, and trigger a surge of dopamine and endorphins, which work as a natural happy booster. If you prefer working out with a trainer, try online exercise classes. Quite a few professionals are giving them for free, so you can try them before you buy them. 

You can also bust out the yoga mat, stretch, and enjoy different asana. To make it more fun, involve the entire family so that they can benefit too. 

Diet and exercise plans go hand in hand. Eat a healthy diet in small portions, snack on nuts and seeds, and drink plenty of healthy drinks such as immune-boosting smoothies.  

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Fun Things to Do at Home to Stay Busy 

We have all heard,an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. If you have too much time at your hands, try making the most of it. In case you are wondering how to stay busy, try making a list of things you have always wanted to do, but never had enough time to do. Remember that book you wanted to read, the closet you wanted to clean, the guest bedroom you wanted to organize? Now is the time! 

You can even take up a new course, learn a new language, and bump up your skills. Experiment cooking new cuisines, bake a new treat, or play the piano with your kids. Catch up on your favorite series or movies, enjoy spending quality time with the family, and enjoy creating your very own little nook of happiness. 

How to Feel Connected to Others? 

Though we are all confined to four walls, good thing the internet has no boundaries. Make the most of it by setting time aside for video calls and phone calls. Call up your family every weekend for an hour-long video chat to catch up on their week and fill them in on yours. You can even sneak in a quick call with your colleagues during lunch break. 

Be sure to limit talking about the news and the virus to a minimum. Instead, focus on their routine, talk about what is working for you, and catch up on the new activities you are enjoying. A light-hearted conversation will make you feel connected with others and stay positive. 

Importance of Routine 

A routine of any sort is ideal for improving your productivity, happiness, and overall quality of life. It does not have to be mundane; it just has to be organized enough for you to live your life efficiently. Setting aside time for breakfast, yoga, and so on can help you feel accomplished even during isolation. Additionally, it also helps set your body’s self-timer and helps you sleep more comfortably. 

The importance of a morning routine is often overlooked.Whether you are working from home or working at home, it is essential to look and feel your best on the daily. Staying well-groomed perks up your personality and oozes confidence, which makes you feel better about yourself.  

Instead of starting your day by working on your laptop in pajamas on your bed, choose to wake up early. Start your day with a shower, get dressed for work from home, maintain your grooming regime, and work in a peaceful environment where you do not get distracted easily. Not only will it bump your work performance, but it will also keep you ready for your zoom meeting appointments.