Winter Season Immunity

Winter Blues

As soon as the weather changes you see people sneezing, coughing and wheezing around you. Instantly, that makes you feel as if something going wrong inside your body as well. Especially, before winters, it looks like everybody is affected by cold and flu. Along with it, during this time of the year people also faces other health problems such as joint pains, headache and fatigue. These conditions can be the symptoms of cold and flu. Because of all these health hazards your energy level drops down making you feel unwell. Even the skin does not stay impervious by the effects of the changing weather. The other problems we face in and before winters are cracked heels and flaking skin.

What is the Flu?

To understand the reason behind flu in winters we need to find out what actually flu is. It is a viral disease of the respiratory system. The influenza virus attacks the cells of the body making a person sick. Flu is different from common cold. Although, both have similar symptoms such as aches, fever, headache and vomiting, flu is far more contagious than common cold. For elder people, cold and flu can be more dangerous and troublesome as it weakens the immune system.

Causes and Caution

It is a myth that the cold temperature is the reason for flu and cold, although it can be one of the factors that contribute to the condition. Flu generally occurs not because of the cold weather but because of the lack of sunlight and the unchanged lifestyle people easily get affected. The reasons behind, why the flu effects more in winter then in any other season are as follows:

  • Generally people like to stay indoors during winters. This is the reason they do not get a chance to breathe fresh air and get some sunlight allowing the virus to attack body cells easily.
  • Another reason for getting less sunlight is that the days are shorter in winters as compared to other seasons. Lack of sunlight leads to a weak immune system making it effortless for viruses to invade.
  • It is easier for cold and flu virus to stay in the body during dry and cold weather and it is the reason more people are infected during this season.

Tips to Boost Immunity

  1. Don’t skip your bread and butter
    In order to stay away from flu or any other health problems during winter, one needs to be very careful about the diet. Breakfast simply means “break you fast”. If a person skips breakfast his blood level drops because of a long fasting. This results the person feeling sleepy and tired the whole day. Without breakfast, one also feels stressed as the hormone level gets disturbed. This imbalance in the body makes the immune system weak and slow, giving a free path to influenza virus.
    It is a good idea to start your day with some good sources of protein and vitamins. Avoid too much sweet items such as jams and doughnuts. Go for porridge, dried fruits, whole wheat bread and eggs. Try skipping tea in the breakfast as it makes the body on high alert, halting the immune system to do its job.
  2. Add Zinc in your Menu
    For better development of cells in a human body, zinc is very crucial. There are hundreds of enzyme processes taking place within the body that needs zinc. The basic purpose of this mineral is that it improves vision, gut health and thyroid function. It helps to protect body from autoimmune disorders. It improves the immunity and gives power to the T cells that work as soldiers for the body. The foods which are a good source of zinc include shrimp, chickpeas, spinach, cashews and beans.
    Zinc supplements are also a good source of the power mineral; however one needs to be careful about the dosage as too much zinc intake can result in the deficiency of copper in the body. Lack of zinc in the body can cause health problems like anemia.
  3. Boost your gut health
    It is proved by the researchers that when there are more good bacteria in the body than bad bacteria, it weakens the immune system. Moreover, if you are suffering from some serious digestive problems your immune system gets disturbed. In order to heal your gut, you should take foods like bananas, beans, blueberries and dairy products (cheese, yoghurt and buttermilk) on regular basis
  4. Get some garlic
    Garlic has a great amount of sulphur in it which not only increases the flavor but it is an amazing antibiotic that boosts liver health and helps to detoxify it. It also decreases toxins in the body that causes inflammation. Garlic increases the immunity and helps protecting the body against many diseases including flu, cold and even breast cancer. It’s better to take garlic raw than cooked. Freshly chopped garlic boosts the immunity right away. You can use raw garlic in your salads and drinks.
  5. Touch of turmeric
    The spice raises the protein level in the body that helps the immune system to work better against viruses and bacteria. The best way to take turmeric to prevent from flu and other health issues is the GOLDEN MILK. Add a pinch of turmeric in your mug of hot milk and your golden milk is ready! This is the best antiseptic tonic you can have. You can also use turmeric in your daily diet.
  6. Sweep away the stress
    Mental stress and anxiety damages your immune system offering freeway to virus and bacteria to enter into the body. When you face issues like anxiety and depression for a long time it starts affecting your thyroid function and immune system. It has been proved by researches that when your mind is relaxed and stress-free the body stays healthy and active.
  7. Tea time is treat time
    Tea increases level of antioxidant in blood. These antioxidants are called flavonoids. The phytochemicals found in tea called polyphenols protect body from damage by free radicals. These free radicals can cause various diseases by damaging DNA. Green teas have more antioxidant qualities than the regular tea so it is better to have green tea more during winters.

So make this little lifestyle changes and make this winter season, a healthy time for you and your family!