Amid unprecedented times, most of us keep browsing the internet to find the cure for COVID-19. Unfortunately, to date, there is no cure discovered by the healthcare sector to combat this deadly virus. However, your best bet is to invest in your immune system. 

A robust immune protects you against ailments and ensures you stay healthy. Even if you succumb to bacteria, a robust immune system speeds convalescence and helps you feel better faster than you otherwise would have. 

The easiest ways to boost immunity is by regularly taking natural immune boosters for kids and adults, such as Herbion Natural Elderberry SyrupandImmune Boosting Gummies. 

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Herbion Elderberry Syrup, natural immune booster for kids, is suitable for adults and kids one year and above. The all natural formula promotes good health all year round and is alcohol free, gluten free, nut free and free of preservatives. Additionally, this syrup is also corn free, salt free, dairy free, soy free, yeast free and wheat free. This syrup is proudly made in the USA. to enrich lives of millions of American citizens. 

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Importance of Staying Hydrated 

Some other natural ways to bolster the immune system include getting proper sleep, exercising and eating a healthy diet rich in vitamin C. Did you know proper hydration can also support your immune system? The body contains 60% – 70% water; therefore, it plays a vital role in the body’s overall functionality. 

The body relies on the bloodstream to carry nutrients, fluids and vital communication signals to organs, so it functions more efficiently. The bloodstream is 90% water, hence staying well hydrated helps promote good health tremendously. On the contrary, dehydration can lower blood volume, which no longer allows your body to function at its optimal. 

Will Drinking Water Help My Immune System? 

Drinking plenty of water allows the lymphatic system to function well and support the immune system to secrete waste and toxins out of the body effectively. However, in the absence of hydration, the lymphatic system slows down, and therefore, the immune system does not work at its full potential. 

Furthermore, water helps prevent infections, keeps the joints lubricated, regulates body temperature, keeps organs functioning well and delivers nutrients to cells. Drinking water throughout the day also helps promote mood, keeps you alert and elevates your quality of sleep. With the sun ablaze, summers are the perfect time to increase your hydration. 

How to Stay Hydrated in Hot Weather? 

Experts recommend drinking 8-ounce glass of water, eight times per day. However, if you do not enjoy drinking plain water, there are plenty of other ways of doing this. If you want to learn how to avoid dehydration in hot weather, then keep reading. 

Importance of Drinking Plentiful Water Daily 

The best way to stay hydrated is by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. This is easy when we have time to spare, but in the midst of the weekly chaos at work or school, it can get frantic to keep track of your water intake. 

Here are some tips for staying hydrated at work or school. To ensure you drink plenty of water, get personal stainless steel or BPA free heavy duty plastic reusable bottle and keep it at your desk at all times. To motivate yourself, make sure you get a bottle with all the bells and whistles you desire, such as a pretty color, hand grip design or anything else your heart desires. This way, you will be more inclined to use it. 

You can also take a label maker or tape and label the amount you would like to drink per hour every day. This allows you to assess your water intake. You can also download an app or set reminders on your smartphone, which alert you to drink a glass of water. 

Infused Water Benefits 

Individuals who do not enjoy guzzling down plain water can opt for drinking infused water. Infused water has plenty of benefits. It boosts immune defense, curbs appetite, promotes blood sugar regulation, weight management, hydration and heartburn prevention.  

You can get creative with your choices of fruits, herbs and vegetables to add to your water. Some popular ones include lemon infused water. It helps regulate your pH levels, support skin texture, provide vitamin C and promote kidney health. Another popular one is green tea, mint and lime. This combination tastes absolutely refreshing, jumpstarts your day and gives you a fresh breath. Additionally, it aids digestion, congestion, headaches and weight management. 

You can also try lemon, lime, and cucumber infused water. It reduces bloating, promotes digestion, hydration, appetite control and water weight management. We also enjoy kiwi and strawberry infused water. Not only does it taste absolutely divine, but it also works as an immune booster, aids digestion, cardiovascular health and blood sugar regulation. 

Best Foods for Dehydration Recovery 

Wondering how to stay hydrated without drinking water? We’ve got a tip for you too. You can raise your hydration levels by eating delicious water-based fruits and vegetables. There are plenty of options to choose from, such as cucumber, which contains 96% water. The added bonus is, it is a rich source of fibre, vitamin and is low in calories. Tomatoes are also excellent for this purpose, as they contain 95% water. 

Some other veggies packed with high water content include broccoli, spinach, mushroom and Brussel sprouts. Similarly, you can also enjoy eating fruit with the highest water content, such as watermelon which has 91% water, oranges 86% water, apples 85% water and blueberries 84% water. 

The best part is you can eat fruits and veggies as it is, make salads, juice them or add them to smoothies. Additionally, they make for wonderful snacks too. 

How to Super Hydrate Your Body with Coconut Water 

Another great way to stay hydrated is by having coconut water. Benefits of drinking coconut water daily are immense. It makes for the perfect summer drink and feels refreshing. The sweet, nutty, subtle flavor will keep you having more. Coconut water contains 94% water and forms naturally within this fruit.  

This delicious drink is widely popular among fitness enthusiasts as it helps replenish lost fluids and electrolytes after a workout session. It also great for the skin as it contains antioxidant properties which effectively protect your cells from anti-ageing caused by free radical damage. Enjoy it chilled throughout the day