With growing uncertainty of chemical based products, every year people incorporate Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) into their diet. In a survey conducted by WHO it was concluded that 80% of world’s population use herbal products. 38% of the population in USA use herbal medicines. Not only do herbal products have more transparency when it comes to keeping consumers informed regarding ingredients, they also have numerous long-term benefits.

An herbal lifestyle doesn’t just limit to dietary supplements, it also includes incorporating herbs in meals, drinks and even ointments. Once you embrace the benefits of herbs they become a way of life, whether it’s in the form of a cup of delicious tea, homemade syrups, extracts, herbal hair oil, filling pillows with home grown lavender for better sleep or simply planting herbs in your windowsill. There is an herb for every ailment and an herb to improve your health inside out.

Let’s take a look at the abundant benefits herbs have to offer in promoting a healthy lifestyle:

Minimum Side Effects

Herbal therapy integrates emotional, spiritual and mental wellness and is therefore considered holistic therapy. Since herbs are all natural they are tolerated by most people. Unlike allopathic medicine they do not cause major side effects and are therefore considered a safer alternative. Did you know, 8% of hospital admissions have been due to side effects of synthetic drugs in the United States alone. Approximately 100,000 people end up dying due to severe adverse reactions. Would you believe if we tell you this number is higher than that reported of death due to drunk driving? Who would have thought purchasing a seemingly harmless over-the-counter drug could prove to be fatal? On the flip side, though there are toxic herbs, there have been almost no hospitalizations due to herbal medications, therefore people prefer using plant-based remedies to keep undesirable effects at bay.

Effective for Chronic Diseases

Though herbs have a gentle feel, they can alter your destiny and eradicate chronic illnesses. Healing herbs typically take more time to show results, but the journey itself teaches you foods and behaviors to recovering wellness. Treatment works successfully in most cases, but it can take more than a year to complete this process.

What You Sow, is What You Reap

Growing your own herbs is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, it guarantees chemical and fertilizer free production. Becoming a grower also saves you bucks and ensures availability especially since herbs aren’t always in stock at your local grocery store. Fresh herbs can spice up your menu. Try different combinations of herbs to add a punch of flavor to your cooking. Not only does it enhance taste, but it also boosts vitamin and nutrition value. Additionally, the aroma of herbs adds a beautiful scent to your home and works as aromatherapy to relax your mind.

We urge you to try out the herbal lifestyle, reap numerous benefits from this ancient tried and tested way of living. However, when it comes to herbal supplements, only trust Herbion Naturals.