About Herbion Himalayan Pink Salt :

Herbion Himalayan Pink Salt is free of impurities and contains 84 nutritional elements and minerals. Rich in electrolytes, Pink Salt promotes hydration and well-being naturally. Triple-washed in Spring Water, our fine grain Salt is ideal for adding to home-cooked meals, baked meals, marinades, and sauces. It instantly enhances flavor palette and is good for health. Herbion Himalayan Pink Salt is GMP free, Kosher certified, chemical free, and vegan-friendly.

You can also use our fine grain Salt to create a DIY relaxing warm bath to relieve stress. Another way to use Pink Salt is for scalp massages. It helps eliminate excess oil from the scalp and draws out dirt and toxins, leaving hair clean and voluminous. Herbion Pink Salt is also great for creating DIY scrubs. Whether you want to exfoliate your face, hands, feet, or body, the fine grains can be quickly whipped into a gentle yet effective scrub to get rid of dead skin cells.

This product helps to:

This Product helps to:

  • Adds flavor to savory meals
  • Is a healthy alternative to table salt
  • Can be used to make DIY scrubs

How to Use:

Himalayan Pink Salt can be used just the way you would use table salt. You can add it to marinades, sauces, baked and cooked meals.

Why Choose?

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • 84 Nutritional Elements and Minerals
  • Tripe-Washed in Spring Water
  • GMP Free
  • Kosher Certified
  • Fine Grain
  • Chemical Free