ivy leaf Cough Syrup

Ivy Leaf Syrup With Thyme

Herbion Ivy Leaf Syrup – is a traditional herbal product containing…

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Children Cough Syrup

Cough Syrup For Children

Herbion Cough Syrup for Children and is natural and effective…

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Cough Syrup

Cough Syrup with Honey

Herbion Cough Syrup is a natural and effective dietary supplement. It is…

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Sugar Free Cough Syrup

Herbion Cough Syrup is a natural and effective dietary supplement, which…

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Coughing is a reflex which helps clear your airways of irritants. When nerves in the airways get affected by allergens, irritants, common cold, flu or other medical conditions, it results in a forceful discharge of air from the lungs thereby causing you to cough. No matter the reason, continuous coughing can easily disrupt your sleep and create annoyance during daytime. At Herbion Naturals, we have a selection of the best throat medicines for children and adults. Rest assured you can easily find a throat syrup to fit your needs.

Natural Relief from All Types of Coughs

Get quick and effective relief from all types of coughs with our sore throat syrups. Made from plant-based extracts our expectorants relieve cough, ease throat irritation and provide optimal bronchial passages and lung health. Our soothing solutions are free of artificial flavors, colors, alcohol and gluten thus making them safe and healthy for the entire family. Plus, they are non-sedative which makes them appropriate for both day and night time consumption.

Healthy Lung Functionality

Congested, inflamed respiratory tract causes difficulty breathing, while cold and flu can further impact lung functionality leading to a painful experience. Herbion herbal throat syrups soothe lung inflammation, relieve throat irritation, loosen mucosa and relieve symptoms associated with bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Our natural throat syrup lets you breathe with ease while optimizing your lung and bronchial passage health.

Boost Your Immune System

Herbion syrups are made with herbs for throat which improve the immune system to function efficiently, while giving clarity of voice and allowing you to breathe comfortably. Our powerful blend of herbs contains antioxidant properties which strengthen the body to build immunity against cold and flu.

Herbal Syrups – Efficient Throat Soothers

Nagging cough can result in inflamed respiratory tract and sore throat. Our natural expectorants help the body produce healthy mucus which relieves itching, tickling in the throat and upper chest. They ease sore throat and the hoarseness caused by it.

Herbal Formula

At Herbion Naturals we are dedicated to providing herbal solutions for the entire family. Our natural throat syrups are made after comprehensive research on premium quality plants in innovative pharmaceutical facilities.

Our range of syrups consist of Ivy Leaf Syrup with Stevia, Cough Syrup with Honey, Sugar Free Throat Syrup, Throat Syrup for Children and Vitality Supplement for Children. Herbion, a complete solution of herbal medication for you and your family.