Herbion Non Medicated Nasal Inhaler with Soothing Vapors

Herbion Chest

Herbion Chest Rub is an ointment that contains the optimally balanced blend…

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Many people suffer from stuffy nose and it is a very common condition especially during winters. Nasal congestion occurs when blood vessels inside the nose become inflamed and the nasal tissues swell. This can cause harmful viruses and bacteria to get further into the respiratory system which results in excess mucus and a blocked nose accompanied with an awful feeling and uneasiness of breath. Our personal Herbion Nasal Inhaler stick reduces inflammation while protecting you from harmful microorganisms, thus providing quick relief and letting you breathe comfortably again.

Time to Unblock your Senses

Prepare to feel rejuvenated with Herbion Naturals nasal medicine. Packed with essential oils, our inhaler instantly soothes the nasal cavity, opening up airways and leaving you feeling fresh. This nose inhaler emits non-medicated soothing vapors which are safe to consume by adults and children above 12 years – plus it smells great.

Pocket Friendly Personal Inhaler!

Our natural inhaler stick is small enough to fit in your pocket, bag or purse, and is ideal for carrying with you to the office, school or even at work for fast relief on the go, no matter where you are headed.

All Natural Nasal Inhaler

Nasal congestion can make you feel miserable. Good thing Herbion Naturals Nasal Inhaler offers fast relief from nasal and sinusitis discomfort due to cold, air pollution or allergies. Our all natural inhaler stick helps your body counteract nasal blockage by providing you quick relief in the upper respiratory tract. Made from top quality natural ingredients, this nose inhaler has minimum side effects and maximum benefits.

Sinus & Stuffy Nose Relief

During bouts of cold or allergies, sinuses may become inflamed and produce more mucus than usual. Suffering from nasal congestion and sinus can result in headache, neck, shoulders and ear pain. Try our sinus inhaler and let the soothing vapors give you quick relief.

All Herbal Formulation

Herbion inhaler stick contains an herbal blend for fast-acting effective relief, created after thorough research on top quality plants and made with natural plant extracts in advanced pharmaceutical facilities.

Nasal, chest congestion and sinus relief are just a sniff away! Get Herbion Nasal Inhaler to experience a plethora of benefits for yourself.