The lengths working moms go through daily to balance work and home is truly commendable. This fast-paced lifestyle can turn into a complete nightmare when one of the kids comes down with sickness and you are stuck with a boss who is not very understanding. Working parents have to work twice as hard to ensure child-care is not compromised. Many rely on their family, friends and neighbors to babysit when their child is ill. Staying home every time your little guy catches cold is simply not possible for moms, especially once they run out of sick leaves. On the opposite of this spectrum, moms working for understanding bosses secretly fear taking time off frequently will send a message that they do not take their job seriously. Looking at the broad picture, it is both unsettling and unacceptable that as a society, we trumpet the importance of family values and yet in the corporate world there are hardly any flexible policies to facilitate working families. This is why preventing illness is better than the cure. Mom’s all over America trust Herbion Naturals with their child’s health. Herbion is a popular pharmaceutical company which formulates safe and effective natural remedies for cough, natural chest rub and other dietary supplements for the betterment of families across the globe. 

As a working parent, you will continuously have to strive to integrate your babies into your work life. They should never feel they have to compete with work or feign an illness to get your attention. Knowing your priorities in life and setting things right takes more effort than one would expect. So, without further delay, lets dive right into five tried and tested nifty tips that will help you juggle a sick child and work like an expert. 

Natural Cough Remedies for Kids 

Most children tend to come down with the cold or flu, especially during peak season. During this time, natural cough remedies for kids can come in handy. We highly recommend Herbion Naturals Throat Syrup for Children. This natural cough syrup is the best remedy for cough in children. It helps suppress all types of cough, soothe throat, promote healthy lung functionality and optimize the immune system. Moreover, our cough syrup is alcohol, gluten and nut-free. The natural formulation is non-sedative and safe for children as young as 13 months. If your little girl is suffering from the cold, nasal congestion, headache or body ache rub a thin layer of natural Chest Rub on her forehead and chest. Let the soothing vapors do their magic to provide effective relief. Shop from for Herbion herbal dietary supplements. 

Call in the Experts 

Having someone who is reliable, trustworthy and who would happily take care of your little angel is one of the biggest blessings. This can be a beloved grandparent, neighbor or even friends. Maintain a phonebook of all these people so in an emergency you can quickly skim through who is available and who is not. Another handy tip is to write down all over-the-counter medications or supplements your little one takes when he gets ill. Any food preferences or allergies he might have or any special instructions you might want to give. This saves you time communicating with the caregiver as they can just read instructions and know exactly how to tackle the situation at hand. If you are running out of resources to call, you can always invest in a reliable babysitter. Paying your next-door neighbor’s teen to take care of your toddler for the day can work just as well. Another excellent solution is to form a network of moms. This way if one of you is a stay at home mom, she can take care of your child for the day. In return, you can negotiate to help her out by picking her laundry or even her child from the ballet recital. 

Make Backup Plans 

Do plans going haywire due to a sick child sound familiar to you? Instead of relying on others, sometimes you just have to rely on your partner to be there for you. After all, you both need to compromise and make time for your babies. Before going to bed or after waking up if you can make an educated guess if your child might come down with the cold or flu it is best to have a conversation as to who will stay at home. Though fathers often expect the mother to stay back, it is best to defuse the power struggle and share responsibility equally as partners. Discuss matters such as working day or night shifts, whether you can work late or come home early? Can work be done over the weekend instead? Is work from home an option?  

If you have made arrangements with your boss to work from home occasionally, then be sure to make your space work friendly. Also keep a supply of cough syrup for kids available in your medicine cabinet at all times. So, you don’t have to drive around town at the last minute to pick up children’s sore throat relief syrup. 

A Reliable Pediatrician 

We cannot stress enough what a blessing in disguise a good pediatrician can be. A trustworthy medical caregiver is no less than a stress reliever for working parents and if they have flexible work hours, that is a bonus! If you are on the fence about whether your little one might come down with cold or flu symptoms, make sure to wake up early the next day. Once your little one has breakfast, take him to the pediatrician’s office right away. The key is to be the first one present. This way you don’t have to wait in long queues and waste time dwelling over when you will get to work. Once the checkup is done, head to the nearest pharmacy to pick up the prescription and head straight home. 

Stay Connected 

All hell seems to break loose when your child is sick, and your caregiver is not available. Your first move should be to analyze if there is any urgent work that needs to be turned in the same day. Once you determine this, organize work from home, convert all your meetings to conference calls or reschedule them for the next day. Switch on the television to cartoons and make your little one comfortable while you take calls to avoid distractions. If, however, you have a lunch meeting which you cannot put off, make arrangements with your spouse to cover the time you will be gone. This way, you will meet all your professional obligations without feeling the guilt of neglecting your sick child.