With the novel coronavirus spreading like wildfire and schools shutting down, as parents, we are left with the task to entertain our little ones. Where previously our kids could visit friends and neighbors or play in the park, it is no longer safe to do so. Self-isolation has become a daily norm and whether we like it or not, our kids are just as agitated and bored as we are. Though most kids will have some school work to do during this time, they will probably have plenty of free time at their hands. 

While the whole pandemic is heartbreaking and utterly unfortunate, it does not hurt to make the most of what we have. What better way to show gratitude for life than to enjoy it thoroughly? After all, with the hustle and bustle of city life along with juggling kids, work, meals and social commitments, it can be exhausting not to mention you barely have time to spend with your family. So, are you ready to bond and bring your family closer than ever before? 

How to Overcome Boredom? 

To ensure you and your kids utilize this isolation time to the fullest, continue reading to discover some of our favorite boredom busterfun actives for kids at home

Try Kids Workout Routine 

Being cooped up all day indoors can make anyone eat less healthy or even lead to some unwanted weight gain. Avoid this by enjoying a daily family workout routine. With tons of yoga and exercise videos available online, you can select a new one every week and enjoy working on each muscle. Be sure to choose relatively simple exercises and play some music in the background so your kids can enjoy themselves. The more they enjoy the experience, the higher the chances of their participation. 

If your child enjoys dancing, incorporate it into your workout regime. Dancing is an excellent way of burning calories and shedding fat.  

Try yoga for kids as it helps relax both physically and mentally. You can even add a few exercises to increase height naturally, such as stretching. Exercising will not only keep children active, but it will also keep them positive, improve their sleep pattern and promote appetite. 

Try Easy Cooking and Baking Recipes for Kids 

This is a hands-on, real-life skill that should be learned by everyone. Select some easy peasy, picky eater kid-friendly recipes and let your little ones take over the kitchen. They can whip up sandwiches, salads, pasta and even mashed potatoes. Or try kid-friendly baking recipes for cakes, bread, cupcakes, or even pizza. The options are endless.  

As you all cook together, teach them about the nutritional content in each item, so they learn and appreciate each ingredient. For instance, carrots are rich in vitamin A which is good for the eyesight as well as the immune system. A healthy immune system helps protect against viruses and bacteria. 

When children make something by themselves, they are more likely to finish eating it. In this lockdown, a picky eater can end up avoiding food altogether and turn even more selective than before. Given most of us have limited food options at hand since grocery shopping is no longer the same, it is best to get your kid involved in cooking. 

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Where Can I Buy Best Supplements for Kids? 

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Benefits of Play in Child Development 

Parents, as much as kids enjoy playing games by themselves, they love it even more if you join in. This can be a great time to bond and reconnect with your children. If you are working from home or doing chores, you might not have the time to play every day, in which case you can keep game night on weekends. However, the importance of playing with your child cannot be overlooked. Therefore, it is essential to make time for it. 

Be sure to choose family-friendly board games, video games, or even online games so everyone can enjoy them thoroughly. Alternatively, you can also have movie nights, storytelling time and even enjoy arts and crafts together. Prepare some popcorn and snacks, sit back and cherish this quality time together. 

Importance of Daily Schedule 

As mundane as it sounds, a schedule is much needed in children’s lives to ensure they remain active, productive and, most of all, so they do not turn into a couch potato. That’s right, watching cartoons and movies all day can leave them glued to the TV. This can make them lethargic and ultimately breed boredom. 

Here is a scheduling tip to try. Get your kids to paint a colorful calendar with clearly marked time to wake up, brush teeth, do homework, lunchtime, bath time, dinner time and playtime. Being on a schedule will ensure they do not lose track of time and once school re-opens they will be able to adapt to the daily routine with absolute ease. 

How to Manage Time for Study Daily? 

Dedicating a few hours of the day to homework will help your kid complete tasks on time and keep their mind active. A study time table helps keep things in check. 

If you have plenty of time to spare and want to home school your child during self-isolation, then here are a few tips to try. Keep dedicated time for studies and breaks. Depending on your kid, you can determine if longer hours work best or short 30-minute sessions with breaks help them concentrate better. 

Eliminate all distractions. This means study sessions should be in a room with no TV, radio or even toys. Loud disturbances can deviate your kid’s mind, especially if he has a short attention span. Avoid multi-tasking as not only does it distract you; it also distracts your child. If you do not have the time to teach your little one, ask your partner to chime in and take over for the day. 

Begin by starting the timetable available by the school and build on it. Be sure to allow your kid to take the lead on certain subjects, as they might know more than you do. 

Fun Activities for Kids at Home 

Nothing kills boredom like a new activity. Whether you teach it or they learn it online, as long as it is fun and something that interests them, they will thoroughly enjoy it. Numerous classes are being offered on live stream for free. You can virtually teach your kid anything they want to learn, such as karate, dancing, a new language or even singing. 

You can also introduce some books, so your kid develops the habit of reading. If they do not enjoy it as much, alternatively, you can play some audiobooks. To make sure your kid read the book, you can have them write a summary of it. This can inculcate accountability as well as give them room to show their appreciation for the book.